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Mountain Click Photo Competition

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Are you the next Jimmy Chin? We’ll be the judge of that! Amateur and professional shutterbugs are welcome.

Amateur and professional lens ninjas are welcome!  All competitors receive credentials for photo access not granted to the general public.

Categories include:

Best Click

This one takes the cake! This is identified as of the best single image of the event. No special image submission required to win this category. Any single image submitted on any camera will be qualified to win the Best Click image. This image will stand out above the rest by conveying exceptional beauty, technical proficiency, artistic vision, and a certain amount of luck.

Anything Goes

Use any camera you like to capture and then submit a series of 3 images that represents your competitive gallery. Images should be of different sports, but keep a consistent style, color, or mood throughout your gallery. Images may not be composited in any way. Basic tonal, contrast, and color adjustments are acceptable. Photos will be judged as an overall gallery and not as individual photos.

*NEW for 2017* – GoPro Awards*

FREE TO SUBMIT.  Capture the 2017 GoPro Mountain Games … with a GoPro. Submit your best photos, raw clips and video edits right to GoPro Awards. We’ll be granting cash awards for our favorites in each category. PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ARE ELIGIBLE.


*GoPro Awards participants will not receive Press/Media Access or VIP Gift Bags


Competitors may also (or only) submit one photo into each of the (6) All Mountain Honorary Mention categories below. GoPro and non-GoPro photos welcome! Photos submitted for the BEST CLICK and ANYTHING GOES categories can ALSO be submitted to the categories below, however, it will need to be indicated during the submission process. All Mountain Mention Categories are:

Doggy Style:

The GoPro Mountain Games are full of cute dogs with plenty of style. Old ones, young ones, big ones, small ones… we’ve got it all. Click the best photo of the cutest dog to be crowned champion.

Super Fan(s):

There are pumped up people all over Vail for the GoPro Mountain Games. Find the super fans, capture the #fandamonium, best shot takes the cake.

Sick Trick:

With 28 sports to choose from there will certainly be some sweet tricks thrown down. Big or small, tricks are tricks and we count them all. Best sick trick shot pays out cash.

Killer Kids:

Kids LOVE the GoPro Mountain Games. Best kid shot doing something Mountain Games awesome wins.

Mountain MUD:

Mud is #AWESOME. Maybe the best shot for this one comes out of the legendary Mud Run? We don’t want to limit it that much because who knows what mud athletes and spectators will find at the GoPro Mountain Games. Best mud shot = MONEY.

Mountain MUSIC:

Turn up the volume and prepare to #ROCK. Best Music Shot takes the podium.

June 8 -11

All day long


All interested athletes can pre-register on the event website. Athletes may also register on-site at the registration area. Organizers will not be responsible for incomplete, lost, or misdirected registrations or for registrations not received for any reason, including, without limitation, failure or malfunction of any communications network or equipment or computer software or hardware.

This is an individual competition, and all photographers must check in at registration during the competition to sign their liability release and receive their photo comp credential.


Photos will be judged as an individual photo (BEST CLICK) and overall gallery of three photos (ANYTHING GOES) and not Judges will be looking for:

  • Consistency of Gallery Submitted. Demonstrate a style, color tone, emotion, or look.
  • Diversity of Subject Matter. Images should be of different sports or activities to represent the entirety of the GoPro Mountain Games.
  • Uniqueness of Imagery. Images should have a unique perspective, location or subject matter.
  • Captue the Moment. Each image should capture the moment. The top of a jump, a smile, amazing crowd, a great splash, etc.
  • Natural Impact Full Editing Styles. We are not looking for over processed super saturated HDR imagery.

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit images at 1800 pixels on the long edge at 300 dpi.
  • Name files MCC_”Your Name”_”Image sequence number”
  • Images may be taken on any camera.
  • Deadline to submit photos is Wednesday, June 15 by 5pm MST

Must be submitted digitally – Submit photos to [email protected]

  • Submit images at 1800 pixels on the long edge at 300 dpi.
  • Name files hm_”CategoryName”_”YourName”*
  • Images may be taken on any camera.
  • *Must be submitted digitally
  • Submit photos to [email protected]
  • Deadline to submit photos is Wednesday, June 15 by 5pm MST

Must be submitted digitally – Submit photos to [email protected]

  • Everything must be shot 100% on GoPro
  • Highest resolution, highest quality possible
  • Don’t crop or filter photos, or upload screenshots
  • Upload photos in their original, unedited form
  • Only use music that you have a license for
  • Don’t submit content from major events
  • Clear all participants and action in the video
  • Quality over quantity (Shorter is better)

To be eligible for a GoPro Award, you need permission to use the music in your video. We’ve made it easy. GoPro has teamed up with Jingle Punks to give you a huge library of approved music. It’s all free. All you have to do is find the best tracks for your story.


GoPro Mountain Games will provide a unique entry link to the GoPro Awards platform. Photo AND Video Submissions qualify.


Photographers will be responsible for providing all equipment needed to compete. All images in the GoPro Awards category MUST be captured on a GoPro camera.


1) Competition will begin at 9am (mst), Thursday, and end at 5pm (mst), Sunday. Any photos taken before or after these times will not be eligible and the photographers work will be disqualified.

2) This is a unique event where there is not an official “start line” but we know competitors will begin shooting at 9am on Thursday. For this reason and not to limit competitors, ALL photographers, even those pre-registered, must check-in at a Main Registration at some time during the competition prior to 10am, Sunday. This is to sign their liability waiver and receive their photo comp credential. There will be no onsite registration for Mountain Click competitors at the individual competitions.

3) Upon completion of the Mountain Games, photographers will email their best image for each category in which they wish to compete, for a maximum of five images total (photographers can submit an additional photo in performance and vibe that was taken on a GoPro camera). Images must be received in the Mountain Click inbox no later than 5pm (mst) on Wednesday, June 14, 2017. Email: [email protected]. Photos must be saved by CATEGORY’S CODE, FIRST INITIAL and LAST NAME. Category Codes: Performance-P; Vibe-V; GoPro Moments-GM. (Example for Zach Thompson’s submittals: PZThompson, VZThompson, GMZThompson.) Competitors not wishing to submit one image in each category may submit multiple images in any category with a maximum of three images total for the contest. If photographers feel one image falls into multiple categories, they may submit the same image in multiple categories by properly labeling the photo files as indicated above. A completed judging sheet listing competitors’ final rank will be made available on at the conclusion of the Mountain Click competition.

4) Photographers work will be judged by a jury of sport and photography professionals.



Early Bird (2/15-3/14)


Standard (3/15-6/7)


Event (6/8-6/11)


GoPro Awards



Best Click


Anything Goes

1st Place $700 | 2nd Place $500 | 3rd Place $300

GoPro Awards

GoPro Awards to receive between $100 to $1,000 in cash

All Mountain Mentions


Price & Prizes