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Raft Cross

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Fun for rafters and spectators, Raft Cross combines the speed of down river sprints with the water slaughter of 8-Ball.

Similar to the 8-Ball Kayak Sprint, the Raft Cross is a raft race (two person rafts) on the Class II / III whitewater of Gore Creek in Vail Village. Two person teams will have a chance to showcase their speed, agility, and aggression in a timed qualifying run through the heart of Vail Village on Gore Creek. Teams will then be placed in “race pods” of no more than three teams to go head to head in the Vail Whitewater Park (1/10th of a mile). The winner(s) advance to the next round.  Along the way, rafters will have to navigate no less than 2 upstream gates and don’t forget; RAMMING IS ALLOWED.

Friday, June 9





Required Gear: Life Jacket (Coast Guard approved Type III), helmet, protective footwear and raft paddle. Dry-top or paddling jacket or wetsuit are not mandatory but recommended for less experienced paddlers.
Boats will be provided for the teams


START ORDER: Athletes start will be chosen at random. Special requests for start times will NOT be accepted. Teams must adhere to the start position he/she is given.

Teams will be placed in “race pods” of no more then three boats. Final number of pods will be determined the day of the race in accordance with total number of athletes registered for the race.

Start positions within each pod will be determined at random.
The race begins with competitors starting in a “land start” format at the Covered Bridge. The horn will blow and they will sprint 200 meters to the finish line at the International Bridge.

Rafters will have to navigate no fewer than two (2) upstream gates. Both team members must be in the boat and get around the gate. There is no penalty for touching the gate. Teams who miss a gate will be disqualified.

Both hands must remain on the athletes paddle at all times.
No grabbing or horseplay. Ramming another team’s boat is allowed.
Both team members feet must remain in the raft at all times.

Top finishers will advance to the next round. Amount of racers advancing in each round will be determined by amount of athletes in each pod. Rounds will continue until a winner is determined.

Any competitor to use profanity, threats, or unsportsmanlike conduct towards the race officials, safety team, media, or other competitors will be disqualified.


The competition is open to all interested athletes regardless of state and/or country of residency. Competitors who are under the age of 18 must register with a parent or legal guardian. Competitors must be able to attend all scheduled events. Athletes will be required to provide all their own equipment. Further, athletes must abide by all applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations during their participation in the Mountain Games.


Athletes agree to be bound by these Official Rules and all decisions of Organizers. Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any persons found tampering with, or otherwise abusing, any aspect of the competition as solely determined by Organizers.


Organizers will appoint judges and the decision of those judges will be final. There will be no review of scoring / timing even with the presence of TV cameras. Disputes with Organizers and/or appointed judges will result in disqualification of that athlete.


Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any athlete for any reason, including, without limitation, acting in an unsafe, unsportsmanlike or disruptive manner and/or with intent to intimidate, threaten or harass, or harm another person. All decisions with respect to the disqualification of an athlete shall be made by Organizers and/or appointed judges. Failure to comply with any term or condition of these Official Rules may result in an athlete’s disqualification and the forfeiture of his/her interest in any prize. Organizers reserve the right to amend these Official Rules at any time in its sole discretion, and athletes shall have no recourse for any such changes or for any failure (whether inadvertent or otherwise) by Organizers to follow the stated rules. In the event that the competition is canceled prior to the completion of the final event, no prizes will be awarded. If the Tournament is cancelled prior to June 1st for any reason, athletes will be reimbursed only for his/her entry fee. Athletes will not be otherwise compensated for any costs or expenses associated with their participation in the competition.


The Mountain Games® will be organized and produced by staff and contractors hired from and by the Vail Valley Foundation. The decisions of Organizers regarding the selection and elimination of athletes, the selection of finalists and winners, and the production and administration of Mountain Games® related events, and all other aspects of the event, shall be final and binding in all respects. Organizers will not be responsible for typographical, printing or other inadvertent errors in these Official Rules or in other materials relating to the event.



Early Bird (2/15-3/14)


Standard (3/15-6/7)


Event (6/8-6/11)



Total Prize Purse: $1,500

1st Team – $750 ($375 per person)

2nd Team – $500 ($250 per person)

3rd Team – $250 ($125 per person)

Price & Prizes

SUP & Down River Sprint Put In


Covered International Bridge Take Out