Zen Zone



Where your chakras and favorite events align. Zen Zone is the heart center of mountain yoga and is located on the vibrant fields of Ford Park. Serious, causal, and new yogis shouldn’t miss out on the variety of classes offered throughout the weekend.

All classes will be outdoors on grass with little to no shade. Limited mats will be available. If you own a mat, please bring it!

Don’t forget to bring:

Class Wristband (given to athletes at Registration in Golden Peak)
Water & Refillable Bottle
Layered Active Clothing
Hat or Visor for personal shade

Yogis may also wish to bring: a block, blanket, towel, or other props (not required)

In the case of very inclement weather, if available, you will be given directions to an interior class location within walking distance. Classes are rain or shine, NO refunds.

All classes will be outdoors on grass with little to no shade. Please bring: SUNSCREEN and plenty of WATER.

All classes require a wristband for entry. Each class will have its own wristband color.  You must go to Main Registration inside Golden Peak Lodge to retrieve your wristband(s).

All wristbands must be worn and visible to gain entry into a class at the outdoor venue. Please aim to arrive  at least 15 minutes early to class. Classes will begin at the scheduled hour.

The Zen Zone (yoga class venue) is located on the Lower Bench lawn in the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens. This location is not accessible by vehicle. Please park in the free Parking Garages or Ford Park to the east. Follow directional signs to the venue.

All class participants must register online or in person; note that there is an additional fee for on-site registration which begins Thursday, June 8, 2017. All class participants must pick up their class wristband(s) at Main Registration located in the Golden Peak base lodge prior to class.

Event Registration is located to the west of the Lower Bench across Gore Creek. Follow directional signs. Class entry without a wristband will not be permitted.

Yoga is active and the activity level is accentuated at altitude. Our yoga venue sits at 8,150 ft. above sea level. To stave off any effects of altitude sickness, stay hydrated and BRING WATER to class. Listen to your body. If a pose is uncomfortable or pushes you beyond your normal limits, please modify. If you are recovering from an injury, please modify. Yoga is not a competition!

We have curated a select group of yoga instructors to bring you a range of teaching styles, philosophy and music playlists. Some classes have a DJ or live music. Each teacher approaches yoga differently. Each has completed 100’s or 1,000’s of training hours and will put their special spin on their class. ALL CLASSES ARE ALL LEVELS. Be open-minded and receptive to a new style of class or teacher.

Brought to you by:

Thanks to our friends at High Brew Coffee, yogi’s will have access to sample “better, never bitter” cold brew before and after class – even during if you’re needing an extra little kick to help get you up into pigeon.

All yogis, athletes, humans are welcome! ALL CLASSES ARE ALL LEVELS. Yoga is active but it is not a competition, Make it your own practice. Listen to your body. If a pose is uncomfortable or pushes you beyond your normal limits, please modify. If you are recovering from an injury, please modify. Have fun, be playful, and try something new!

Zen Zone

letters of love stations


Share some love by writing a Letter of Love…to yourself.  Swing by one of our Letters of Love Writing Stations in Gear Town and Adventure Village, or grab a letter and pen after one of the morning Yoga sessions in the Zen Zone and at the finish lines of the Mountain Mud Run, Apres 5K and 10K Trail Run and write a love letter to show yourself some love by reflecting and identifying the things you like the most about YOU. We’ll put a stamp on it and mail it for you.  #RethinkBeautiful

Zen Zone


Betty Ford Alpine Gardens Education Center was completed in Summer of 2015. The facility provides visitors with several hands-on learning activities, an Alpine House, and information on the alpine environment and related topics. The Education Center is open year round and provides an educational experience for guests of all ages through displays, traveling exhibits, workshops, and videos.



Thursday-Sunday  |  9-10:30am & 11:30am-1pm

Ages: 6-12  |  Class Capacity: 16 participants

Betty Ford Alpine Gardens is located in the heart of the Zen Zone. Drop you children off for some flower filled fun. Activities include scavenger hunt, flower photography and crafts.



education Center

Monday-Sunday  |  10am-4pm

pollinator Exhibit

Monday-Sunday  |  10am-4pm

Gardens Playground

Everyday  |  All Day


Thursday-Sunday  |  9-10:30am & 11:30am-1pm